Praktické ukážky – ochrana pred žiarením

Praktické ukážky – ochrana pred žiarením 2016-10-14T14:59:15+02:00

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From our experience: Grid lines and water veins A department manager from the construction industry came in contact with the Geovital Academy by accident. He reported there was unhappiness in his department because for a long time the same employees became sick time and again. This discouraged the other work colleagues and also the efficiency and success of the department decreased progressively. The Academy then did an assessment of the office space in which some grid line crossing points and a water vein were found. After locating these issues the department manager was speechless as their position correlated exactly with [...]


Kardiomyopatia vyvolaná vežami mobilných operátorov a stresom

Mrs Z. told me it had been installed over 10 years ago with the assurance that all the beams of radiation (although absolutely harmless) would be going past the house with the use of directional antennas. Regardless of whether this was even possible, the situation had probably changed dramatically since the installation of additional transmitter panels giving 360° coverage.